Parking for Le Clos Jean cottages:

The Finches, The Jays and The Robins

Vehicles may be parked at the front of the cottages for the purpose of unloading on arrival and loading on departure.

After this time please park at the rear in your allotted space.

The rear is accessed by turning left at the end of the driveway past the old oak tree and continue along the track where:

  • 1st space for 2 cars is for The Robins
  • 2nd space for 2 cars is for The Jays
  • 3rd space for 2 cars is for The Finches

Parking for La petite cour cottages:

Parking for Chestnut Cottage and The Olives within PETITE COUR is to the rear garden area on the right

  • lst space for 2 cars is for the Chestnut cottage
  • 2nd space for 2 cars is for the Olives cottage

The path to your cottage is directly in line with the parking bay. For unloading on arrival the cottages may be accessed from the lane at the front.


Please be aware of your neighbours if you leave early in the morning or late at night, thankyou. Departure is before 10am unless prearranged otherwise.

The driveway past Le Clos Jean continues in a circular route back to the farm lane and is joined in the gardens by access from La Petite Cour - Please drive slowly as children may be crossing.


Each set of cottage keys will be found in the door (named) on arrival. Please keep these keys safe and leave them within the cottage again upon your departure, thankyou. We hope to be able to meet you on arrival and see you before you depart.


Please leave the cottage as clean and tidy as you found it. Cleaning is optional and if you would rather not clean then a small charge is payable with your rental fee.(£40/50 euros)With dogs this charge is not optional, thank you.


Please inform us of any breakages or faults with any equipment so that we can sort things out before new guests arrive . Thankyou.


Wood is provided for the wood burning stoves in all the cottages. All cottages also have electric radiators. Electric for all appliances and the heating is within the weekly rental (an allowance of £30 or 35 euros per week is normally more than adequate, any excess may incur an additional charge)


For the comfort of all our guests there is a No Smoking policy withn all our cottages. Also it would be appreciated if adults would be aware of children when smoking outside. Thankyou.

Free Wifi

Free wifi Internet access available now in all cottages for your la&ptop, Ipad or phone.

Volleyball / Badminton

Two Volleyball / Badminton courts sanded area safe for children are available.